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God the Mother!

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God the Mother

My question is, why not God the Mother? So many Christians think and believe in God the Father. So, why shouldn’t there be a Mother? Actually, it never made sense to me that there would only be a Father God if we were called children of God! What a delusion! Even in the Bible Nicodemus knew that if someone was to be born, it would have to be through a Mother! In John 3:(3- 7) we can see that Nicodemus asked how he could enter his Mother’s womb a second time to be born again! He didn’t ask how he could be born through his Father‘s womb again! Our Spiritual Mother has been hidden for ages and generations! I don’t want to follow the mass media by having a mob mentality any longer! I want to know the truth for my own salvation even if it is walking down the narrow path (Matthew 7: 13)! No one else can save me except for the God that’s in the Bible our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother!

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