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The Heavenly Jerusalem is our Mother!

Written by Ahnsahnghong. No comments Posted in: Ahnsahnghong

According to the Bible everything on earth is a copy and shadow of what is Heaven. In Hebrews 8:5 (New King James Version) it says: “who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, “See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” Then, there is not only the physical city of Jerusalem testified in the Bible, but there is also a Heavenly Jerusalem testified. In Hebrews 12:22 (New International Version – UK), it says: “But you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly……” what or who is this Heavenly Jerusalem from above? In Galatians 4:26 (New International Version – UK) it says,”But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.” According to the Bible the Heavenly Mother is the last mystery now being housands of years ago during the time of Daniel the prophet, he wrote down God’s Word. In Daniel 12:4 it says, “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end.” Now is the time to wake up from our deep sleep and proclaim our Heavenly Mother the Heavenly Jerusalem!

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