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There are many commands of God in the Bible, but now there are so many different denominations of Christianity. How can you tell which one is keeping the true commands of God? The only way to tell for sure is to see in the Bible what the early Church did in order to find the truth again. During the time of Jesus the disciples in the early churhc were keeping the Sabbath day whoich is the seventh day of the week according to the Bible which is Saturday, not Sunday. Sunday was created by a man named Roman Emperor Constantine who abolished the Sabbath Day through the COun cilo of Nicea in 321 AD and he indoctrinated Sunday worship which is actually the Worship of the pagan Sun god. Now what is correct? SHould we follow the Bible and Christ’s example of keeping the Sabbath day Saturday as the day of Worship that God established, or should we follow Roman Emperor Constantine and keep Sunday Worship which is the Worship of his favorite pagan god the sun-god? Clearly we need to discern truth from falsehood only through the scriptures. Then the church that follows the truth in the Bibloe will keep Sabbath day Saturday worship. At the World Mission Society Church of God we keep the Sabbath day which is Saturday which is the true day of Worship according to the Bible. Not only that, but the Passover which Jesus established 2000 years ago in Mark’s upper attick is also being observed at the World Mission Society Church of God according to the way that Christ kept this Feast. It only comes once a year according to the Bible, but again Roman Emperor Constantine abolished the Passover in 325 AD which was 4 years after he abolished the Sabbath Day and he indoctrinated the Communion which is done anytime that people want. However, you can reads the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find one time the celebration of something called “communion”. There is no such thing in the BIble. Again, it was established by a m,an named Roman Emperor Constanint and not God Almighty. Then who should we follow with a clear consciounce? God Almighty in the Bible? or Roman Emperor Constantine?

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